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How do you keep the pace up in a world where most of the adolescents are depressed, few had breakups, some are being bullied, some are college drop outs and strayed, 18 Year old is pregnant and her guy left miserably, some can’t get a partner and some are stuck in abusive relationships. Guess what, 20-25% of these above mentions committed suicide already. So luckily if you are here and actually dealing with some crap, time to let it go. 

Life is never easy, a guy who is 24 and is going through financial crisis will find it petty if a guy who is 18 is crying over his ex girlfriend. Problem is a problem and we completely understand that, everyone has a different way of looking at it. So don’t expect anyone to deal with it but YOURCURE.  Read more

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Alright, you can scroll down and check all the issues we can help you with and see if you can actually relate with one of them. If your trouble is quiet different and isn’t matching one of our mentions, you can still reach out to us.

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